We make DLC for the OP-1.

Our Story

Chapter one – op-1classics.com

I have been a user of the OP-1 for 4 years now, and I love the community around this little instrument.

I first became aware of the OP-1 following the release of Bon Iver’s “22, A Million” – I hadn’t really heard sounds like it, being mainly a fan of indie-rock music growing up. I became obsessed with this album, delving into any aspect I could find. This naturally led me to the OP-1 – one of the key components of that album.

What came next was a rabbit hole of new music – starting with lo-fi jazz, then to neo-soul, over to glitchy experimental sounds. Creators such as Andrew Huang and Red Means Recording helped me along this road, teaching me the skills to stretch my knowledge on this little keyboard.

As a bedroom producer, I struggled with creativity from time to time, but this instrument saved my workflow. I sketched out ideas and built them up using Ableton, using the OP-1 as much as possible to form ideas before fleshing them out.

This was successful for a number of years – however, over time, the stock sounds and methods can become stale. I needed new inspiration. I rooted around in forums and sites, building my own sample packs and using them. This was a great way to develop new ideas – though I questioned why there wasn’t an easy to navigate, pre-formatted site where I could get a lot of sounds.

So 5 years later, I decided to provide this myself – op1classics.com – to provide a wide range of sounds for you to make your next masterpiece.

Chapter two – op1.center

After a while, I found that op-1classics.com to be slow and cumbersome to use, as I released more and more packs. I wanted to make the process as seamless as possible, and bring a bit of class to the website. 


So in January 2021, I taught myself web-development and built a clean, fast, responsive site with more payment options and better SEO to bring the packs to more people. I also launched the VIP service, which gives users access to every single pack on the site, plus a load of exclusive packs, ready for dropping onto the OP-1.

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