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The OP-1 is hands-down my favourite instrument. Having access to high quality samples ups my game to the next level!
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I can vouch for these packs, I love this site!
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It's clean, and the purchase process worked smoothly & quickly for me.

We make DLC for the OP-1.

Are you looking for a burst of inspiration when using your OP-1?

Are you looking for some new and unique sounds for your next track?

OP-1 Center provides thousands of organised sounds, specifically made for the Teenage Engineering OP-1. 

How it works:

  1. Browse through our packs, across the Classic, Genre, Create and VIP ranges. If you want to hear any sounds before you purchase, visit the Sampler. 
  2. After purchase / download, you will be emailed a .zip file containing all of the required .aif files.
  3. Drag and drop the synth and drum folders onto your OP-1. The Teenage Engineering OP-1 has a maximum capacity of around 33x user synth sounds, and around 20x drum sounds , so some samples may need to be removed before new ones are put on.
  4. Enjoy!

Sample first

If you want to sample what is in each pack before downloading, head over to our Bandcamp page

Get free sounds.

Want to try some sounds before becoming a VIP?

Get a taste of everything has to offer with our new free sample packs! Sample the Classics, Create and Genre ranges, or unleash your inner conductor with the Symphony Trial. Keep your eyes peeled on this section for new packs!


Become a VIP.

If you are craving a constant stream of inspiration when using your OP-1 synth, and want to get your hands on everything OP-1 Center has to offer, then the VIP membership is for you.

For one price, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of packs and sounds, and download for free any future releases.

As well as this, you get access to the VIP exclusive packs, where we put our most premium, creative sounds just for our VIP members. Only VIP members can get their hands on these packs.

Every current and future pack for one price.


OP-1 Field Compatible

All of our packs are compatible with the OP-1 Field.

Packs highlighted with the “OP-1 Field” banner have been created with the OP-1 Field in mind. That means, all synth samples and patches are in stereo.

OP-1 Field Optimised Packs

Discover our Collection.

At OP-1 Center we make all of our packs using the highest-end production and processing techniques, using both analog and digital software, from replications of classic synthesisers, to the latest in complex virtual instruments.



The Genre packs were the next development for OP-1 Center – each pack contains a set of sounds and kits to make a specific genre of music. For example, if you are a video game designer and wanted to create the next great soundtrack, then the Chiptune pack is for you, which has 5x kits and 33x sounds made for that genre.

These genre packs contain just enough samples to fill your Teenage Engineering OP-1, so you can “hot-swap” between genres.

Take a delve into the collection and experiment with some new styles of music – if you’re working on some study-beats, why not try the Jazz or Lo-Fi pack. Making that next club classic? Try the EDM or Drum & Bass packs. Fancy experimenting with a whole load of new genres? Then one of our collections will fill up your OP-1 with inspiring sounds.


Create packs are meant to give you that burst of inspiration, with unusual production techniques to make stranger and more complex sounds. If you are looking for something to take your music in a new direction, then these OP-1 sample packs are for you.

The Inhale pack for example using a vocal synthesis engine to make complex, evolving packs which can add that unique texture to your next track. The Complex Basses pack can add that stand-out element to your Teenage Engineering OP-1 jam.

The Create packs can open up musical avenues you did not know existed until you try. Hitting a brick wall with your current track? Then loading a load of new, textured bass or string sounds could get you over that hurdle.


Our newest adventure at OP-1 Center – an exclusive set of Teenage Engineering OP-1 sample packs which can only be downloaded if you have purchased a VIP membership. These are creative and premium packs which use the highest production possible.

For example, the symphony series takes incredibly high samples and recordings of strings, brass and woodwinds, and formats them for easy transfer to your OP-1. The Toy Box pack uses creative and textured samples to provide a set of playful sounds, full of inspiration.

To get access to these packs, create an account and login, then purchase a VIP membership here. You can get an additional discount by signing up for our mailing list at the top of this page.


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