Trial Pack


Get a taste of everything has to offer! This free pack contains a load of samples from across the VIP, Create, Classics and Genre ranges.

Contains all other trial packs, as well as 29x additional samples and 3x kits.

If you like what you get with this trial kit, why not get access to everything on by purchasing a VIP membership.

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Contains 29x synth and 5x drum kits, pre-formatted for the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Get on board with these free OP-1 samples.

This pack has also been updated to include all other trial packs to give an easy place to download everything.

This free OP-1 sample pack is a great way to start your OP-1 Center journey. With a collection of sounds from across our range of Classics, Genre, Create and VIP packs, you can get a taste of what we offer. To load these samples onto your OP-1, please see the instructions on the homepage or the FAQ and Terms page.

If you like what you get with this free OP-1 samples kit, then why not explore the rest of the site. You could even consider purchasing a VIP Membership. With a membership, you get lifetime access to all past, present and future packs on OP-1 Center. It also gives access to the exclusive VIP packs.

The VIP Membership includes:
  •  All of the packs in the Classics collection, where classic and vintage synths are lovingly sampled and formatted for the OP-1.
  • Every Genre-specific pack; get a whole host of sounds for a particular type of music instantly! From Rock, EDM, Jazz through to Lo-Fi and Ambient music.
  • All Create packs, which use unique and experimental processing and production to create complex and textured sounds.
  • The exclusive VIP packs, which use our best production methods to create packs exclusive to VIP members.

Join the exclusive club and never run out of inspiration again – but first, start with these free OP-1 samples.



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