Do you want to add some vintage warmth and richness to your OP-1? Do you want to enjoy the sound of one of the most iconic and affordable polyphonic synths of the 80s? Then you need the OP-1 Classics Juno-6 Pack! Whether you want to create lush atmospheres, funky basslines, catchy leads, or retro effects, the OP-1 Classics Juno-6 Pack has you covered!

The Juno-6 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by Roland in 1982. It was designed as a low-cost alternative to synths like the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Roland’s own Jupiter-8, but it quickly became a legend in its own right. The Juno-6 featured one oscillator per voice with two selectable waveforms, a powerful filter section with a non-resonant high pass and resonant low pass filter, and a unique digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) that kept the tuning stable and reliable. The Juno-6 also had a built-in chorus effect that added depth and dimension to its sound, making it ideal for pads, strings, brass, and more. The Juno-6 was used by artists like Eurythmics, Howard Jones, Enya, and The Cure.

Contains 33x sounds pre-formatted and made for the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

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Contains 33x sounds pre-formatted and made for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-1 Field.

The above pack is part of the OP-1 Classics collection – a set of packs which samples vintage and retro equipment, synthesizers and samplers and formats them for upload to the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Each pack contains a minimum of 33x samples which can be dropped onto your OP-1 without any further work. Please see the OP-1 Genre collections, for packs made to reflect specific genres. The OP-1 Create sets, which use interesting and complex production methods to make unique sounds are also available, or consider becoming a VIP member for lifetime access to all the packs, plus exclusive packs.


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