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Mystical River


The forest was alive with mystical sounds. As I walked among the trees, I could hear the whispers of the wind, the rustle of the leaves, and the songs of the birds. I felt a sense of wonder and awe, as if I was entering a magical realm. The forest seemed to have a voice of its own, a voice that spoke to me in a language I could not understand, but felt deep in my soul. I stopped and listened, trying to decipher the meaning of the forest’s message. Was it a warning, a blessing, or a secret? I did not know, but I felt drawn to it, as if it was calling me to join its mystery. I closed my eyes and let the sounds wash over me, hoping to catch a glimpse of the forest’s spirit.

Venture into the mystical river with this pack of 33x samples and 3x drumkits. Discover the secrets of the calling and build some texture and intrigue into your next track. Optimised for the OP-1 and OP-1 Field.

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