Vox Continental


Grab the 60s/70s flavour of the Vox Continental used by the Beatles, The Velvet Underground and Elvis Costello in the OP-1 Classics Pack 1. The Vox Continental is an iconic vintage synthesizer celebrated for its distinctive sound and compact design. Originally introduced in the 1960s as an electric organ, Vox later reimagined it as a synthesizer. With a focus on simplicity and portability, the Continental delivers classic tones associated with rock and pop music. Its intuitive interface features drawbars for tone shaping and easy access to essential parameters. Renowned for its warm, vibrant tones, the Vox Continental has left an indelible mark on music history. From The Doors to The Beatles, its presence in iconic recordings cements its status as a timeless and influential synthesizer.

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Each pack contains a minimum of 32x samples which can be dropped onto your OP-1 without any further work. Please see the OP-1 Genre collections, for packs made to reflect specific genres, the OP-1 Classics sets, which samples vintage and retro equipment, synthesizers and samplers and the OP-1 Create sets, which use interesting and complex production methods to make unique sounds. Consider becoming a VIP member for lifetime access to all the packs, plus exclusive packs. The VIP Membership is a one-time purchase and provides instant access to over 1200+ sounds and 68+ drumkits, all pre-formatted and ready for dropping onto the OP-1.


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